The key differentiators of our Business Process Outsourcing services are:

  • High end technologies
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Strong business ethics
  • Customized solutions
  • Competitive pricing models
  • Domain expertise
  • Process excellence
  • Information eecurity
  • On-time delivery

Email Management

Email is increasingly becoming the most popular form of communication. Companies are being flooded with ever increasing amount of emails and customers are increasingly demanding a high level of service and response for their email requests.

ATG Tech provides the following service for email support:

  • Automated response
  • Computer-aided response
  • Manual response

Chat Management

Live chat is an important sales tool in a highly competitive market where providing information could drive more business to you. ATG Tech can provide real time chat support that can have text, voice and video support as well, depending upon the technical set up of your servers. We can also arrange for the same in case your hosting set up doesn’t support these services.

Our chat support services help you to:

  • Convert a visitor to a guaranteed sale
  • Improve customer confidence on your products & services
  • Walk them through web-based processes
  • Build a trusted relationship with visitors via a human interface
  • Analyze customer trends to make business decisions

Online Profile Approvals

A big part of a community portal is inviting memberships and registrations in order to build a member/client base. ATG Tech helps organizations in setting-up Online Profile Approval support systems to handle the surge in registrations and membership requests.

Before approving any profile, we lay down the criteria for the approval or the conditions that profile must meet for it to be approved. You are assured of a clean website that is free from any objectionable textual matter and graphics which could negatively affect your website.

Website Bug Reports

A fully-functional website free from any bugs is an indispensable necessity for your web project to succeed. ATG Tech offers Website Bug Report service that periodically checks the entire functionality of the site in any browser on the internet. Our team of developers and testers are capable of not only reporting those bugs but also fixing them from our location to ensure prompt rectification.

Web Content Development & Approval

ATG Tech understands that content is very important for an effective web positioning and to enhance user-interest. ATG Tech is positioned to develop new content, re-write and correct the existing content thus helping you to align more closely with your target audience.

We also take up Web Content Approval services by implementing a well-structured process that allows us to check all the user-driven content against the guidelines for each category and then accordingly upload it if it meets the criteria or disapprove it, if it does not meet the criteria.

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