Our manufacturing solutions facilitate you to control all stages and bottlenecks of your manufacturing business – whether it is order processing, bill of material (BOM), material-resource planning (MRP), production planning and control (PPC), purchase, inventory management, production scheduling, quality management, job costing, and more.

We combine our deep domain knowledge with our in-depth technology skills to deliver Domain competencies, IP & Tools, Knowledge Management and Program Management for our customer engagements. Our Data Mining, Optimization, Linear Programming and Decision Support Science (DSS) expertise empowers your MIS reports to accomplish the manufacturing business objectives consistently.

Some of our manufacturing industry solutions include:

  • Custom Application Engineering
  • Product Engineering Solution
  • Data Analysis Solution
  • Legacy Migration
  • E-commerce Solution
  • RFID Solution
  • Process Re-engineering Consulting
  • Content Management System Testing
  • Virtual Infrastructure Management Software Testing

ATG Tech offers Manufacturing Software Services in a range of technologies. Please contact us to know more.